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    Blowfish® Malibu is an internationally recognized original line of women’s footwear. The Blowfish Malibu Kids line is no different! Blowfish Malibu creates the casual California look to perfection.

    Blowfish Malibu kids features spunky designs, innovative prints and cool material combinations that are fun and fashionable. The Blowfish girl is more than just a little girl; she is independent, strong, unique, and quirky and knows exactly what look she wants to portray.

    Blowfish Malibu kids is the place to look for that edgy styling without breaking the bank! Their shoes are also created with zippers and elastic for ease of entry for your little one.

    For a casual flat, sandal or boot, you just can´t go wrong with the combination of style and value that Blowfish Malibu Kids offers. Try them out and your girl will be hooked.